alt.www.webmaster Notes for Novices


These primers were written by the members
of AWW to promote proper design techniques.

What is CSS? 
by Matt Probert

Site Aims and Architecture
by Eric Jarvis

Why You Can't/Shouldn't Hide Your Code 
by Dylan Parry

Simple Colour Setting for Web Pages 
by Matt Probert

Image Maps Are Fun, Funky and Accessible!
by Matt Probert

"Newspaper" Style Columnar Layout With CSS
by Matt Probert

Site Wide, Document and Block Level CSS Styles
by Matt Probert

CSS Background Colour, Text Alignment and Fonts
by Matt Probert

Why Do Web Pages Look Different in Different Browsers?
by Matt Probert

The Ultimate Browser Sniffer 
by Matt Probert

Insight into Accessibility
by Karl Core


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