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The following links are frequently recommended by participants of AWW. No endorsement is implied by listing them here.  Caveat Emptor.



Domain Names - This is where it all begins. A good domain name doesn't guarantee success, but it helps. Beware of any offers for a free domain name because many of them are actually sub-domains or have some strings attached. Many hosting companies offer free domains with a hosting plan and that's fine, as long as the domain is actually registered in your name. Some people have tried to move their "free domain" and found out that they couldn't without paying a hefty fee.

How to find available domain names | Inexpensive domain registration | Domain Name Lookups  

Web Hosting - "Can anyone recommend a web host?"  One of our most popular requests!  Our recommendation to you is to remember that price should not be your only criteria in selecting a web host. The quality of service and support is equally important. We suggest you avoid any hosting companies that offer "unlimited" data transfer or FTP, because of course there are limits and anyone who claims there aren't, is not being honest.

Unfortunately, getting agreement from the participants in AWW as to which hosting companies should be listed in a "recommended links" page is impossible. It's best to do your own research by using the sites we've listed as Web Host Indexes to find hosting companies that meet your requirements and budget. Then check candidates against the sites listed in the Host problem reports section to see if they've had a number of bad reports against them. Keep in mind when you're reading problem reports or any other complaints that there are always two sides to every story. 

Go to and do a search of the USENET archives for messages relating to a particular web host. Finally, you can ask for opinions in alt.www.webmaster, but do not make that the first or last step in your search for a web host. Many of the regular participants of alt.www.webmaster run hosting companies or are resellers, and most of them provide great prices and fine service, but web hosting is a very competitive market and of course everyone thinks their deal is the best deal for you.  

Another popular request is for web hosting companies that charge no monthly fees.  Please note that most free hosts make you display banner or popup ads.  There really is no such thing as a free lunch.  

Free web space guide
| Free web hostsWeb Host Indexes | Host problem reports

Web Design - "What's the best program to use to create web pages?"  We get this one quite a lot, too.  In short, there's no right answer.  You may find many people might praise one product, while an equally vocal group may condemn.  It really depends on what you are used to, what you need to accomplish, and how much money you have.  All of the rest is mostly whistles and bells.  Here you'll find links to some recommended design software, as well as links to other sites of interest to the web designer.

HTML Editors
| Free Clip Art | Free Stock Photos

Site add-ons - If you are looking for script files for processing mail forms, free counters, or just about any other feature you could imagine, check out our Script Resources section.  All popular (and a few unpopular) languages.

| Free counters | Free log analyzers | Free message boards | Free chat rooms | Free e-mail hosting services |Miscellaneous Free Stuff

Tutorials - Want to learn the basics of creating web sites?  This is the place to begin.  Understand what all those <> tags are for.

| ASP | Cold Fusion | Perl | Javascript | PHP | DHTML | CSS | XHTML | SSI

Webmaster Business Issues - OK, you've decided to put your shingle out and solicit business from the general public.  Check here to find ideas on how to protect yourself and your work.

Becoming a webmaster
| Web Developer Sample Contracts | Copyright issues

Accessibility - Being disabled is not a barrier to becoming a webmaster, and it is important to consider accessibility when designing web sites.

Resources for Disabled Webmasters | Accessibility and Web Site Design

Other Links.

General Info/Help/Misc
Anti-Spam Resources | Search Engine Ranking | USENET Rules and Netiquette
| AWW Participants

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Domain Names.

Godaddy. -- Avoid this registrar. Godaddy's contract has sweeping language in it that allows them to take your domain for any reason.
"Go Daddy general counsel Christine Jones stated that Go Daddy's terms of service "reserves the right to terminate your access to the services at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever.""

If your domain is seized by Godaddy they have the option of charging you $75 for the right to transfer it to another registrar or they can just take it and keep it. You can call or write the abuse department or the "Office of the President" of Godaddy to complain about their unjust taking of your domain, but they will not even consider what you have to say. 

There are many fine domain registrars. Do Not Trust Your Domains to Godaddy.

How to find available domain names.

Snapit Domain Name Generator.  
Nameboy Domain Name Generator.  

Inexpensive domain registration.

Quoted prices are for a 1-year *.com registration.

Cheap Domain Registration.

Domain Name Lookups.

NSI Whois Lookup.  

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Web Hosting.

Free web space guide.

Free web hosts.

Web Host Indexes.

Host problem reports.

Netcraft Uptime Survey.   

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Web Design.

HTML Editors

Adobe GoLive.  
     Arachnophilia FAQ
CoffeeCup HTML Editor.
     Dreamweaver Depot.  
     HTML-Kit User's Guide
First Page 2000
Microsoft FrontPage 2000
     FrontPage Help Forums
Namo WebEditor.  

Free clip art.

Sage's Buttons and Gif's
Graphics Ring
Web Clip Art
Cheryl's Image Gallery
Designed to a T.   
Clipart Connection

Free Stock Photos.

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Site add-ons.







jQuery Cheat Sheet


Free counters.

Free log analyzers.


Free message boards.


Free chat rooms.


Free e-mail hosting services.

Miscellaneous Free Stuff.

Free searchable encyclopaedia content for your web site.

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Cold Fusion.



PHP. The best PHP reference on the web!





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Webmaster Business Issues.

Becoming a webmaster.  
Web Hosting on a Budget.

Web Developer Sample Contracts.

Copyright Issues.

US Copyright Office: Copyright Basics
A Brief Intro to Copyright -- US
National Paralegal College -- Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights. -- Thanks to "Ben" for this link.
10 Myths About Copyright Explained -- US.
UK Patent Office - Copyright.
Copyright in Australia. A Short Guide.
Copyright Board of Canada.
AVVO Legal Guides - Trademark vs Copyright. -- Thanks to "Sarah" and "Alex" for this link.
A Guide to Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents in Print and Beyond. -- Thanks to "Erin" and "LouAnne" for this link.
Business Guide to Intellectual-Property. -- Thanks to "Megan" for this link

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Resources for Disabled Webmasters.

Accessibility and Web Site Design.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.
AccessABLE- Links To Accessibility Files & Tools.
Website Accessibility
Web Authoring Strategies for Voice Browsers.
Vischeck your images for the colorblind.

Other Links.

General Info/Help/Misc.

Dan's Web Tips.  
FileXT -- File extension descriptions.  
Free and Open Source Software for Digital Creators.  
Image Format Comparison
Web Robots Information Pages.
htaccess error pages.

Anti-Spam Resources.

Spamcop (Use for e-mail abuse only).
Mail Abuse Prevention System.
Welcome to CAUCE.

Search Engine Rankings.


USENET Rules and Netiquette.


AWW Participants

Who's Who in AWW.



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additional useful links and suggestions.

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